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You make my head spin !
When the Grande Dame enters the stage, she seems timorous, even introverted… in short, quite "stuck"!
A shyness (probably linked to an overly strict upbringing) that only dissipates when in contact with her hoops, like a little girl from the 50s in a schoolyard.
But she's looking for something... or rather someone... a soul mate? Without a doubt !
When she finds her in the assembly, the Grande Dame launches into a succession of incredible performances, to seduce the lucky one who totally succumbs to her charms and prowess.
Finally, the Grande Dame lets go and there… Watch your eyes!
A poetic, humorous show and above all punctuated by exceptional technical and acrobatic feats. All of this is performed with disconcerting ease around a staging that is both simple and effective.
HoopelaÏ dusts off the discipline of the hoop... and it feels good.
Show for all audiences, big audience participation!
Duration: 30 minutes
Assembly time: 10 min (+ 2h warm-up).
Technique: Provide a sound system and, if performing indoors or at night, also provide lights.
Stage area: 6m x 6m (minimum height: 4m).
Show available in street or cabaret format.


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