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And the macadam ignites
LaDinamo is pure Funk and Groove... on a bike!
Finally on a bicycle... let's say on cycles made from old rusty bicycles.
La Dinamo is above all an incredible traveling street concert, with "big sound" and 7 musicians totally inhabited by the Funk Attitude.
Let's not beat around the bush: "here plays serious, here tears, here embarks everything in its path and above all... here grooooove."
In short, it's "monstrous!"
Just look at the repertoire (House of Pain, Mark Ronson, James Brown, Jamiroquaï, Funkadelic, Supergroove, Kravitz, Coolio, Kool and The Gang...) to understand that Dinamo is there to set the tarmac on fire, without any savings of energy!
Formation: 7 artists + 1 technician: keyboard, guitar, bass, sax, trumpet, drums, percussion, vocals
Service approximately 1h30 in 1 or 2 passages


To access the downloads, please send us an email : contact@lexpressiondupave.com