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Burlesque wandering show on a Dodo's back

In the framework of a national study of genetic heritage and species behavior, the grand professor Jean, accompanied by Jean, his assistant (ex forensic doctor), have been approached to lead this urbain safari research. convertirse en una aventura increíble !

Our two compadres, your day to day will become their adventure. This expedition on a DODO’s back will travel through cities and villages searching for new tribes.

Curious and awkward, they will be willing to know everything about you : your laugh, customs, food habits, politic opinion etc…

The big census has began, the two of them will step back the science….

Team : 2 artists

Playing area : squares & streets
Time to assembling : 1h 30
Duration : 2 x 45 minutes (1h minimum between each set)


September 9 and 10 - ANGERS (49)
September 3 - URIAGE (38)
August 3 - SAINT MARTIN D'HERES (38)
July 29 to 30 - TIMISOARA (Romania)
July 22 - STUTTGART (Germany)
July 20 - PASSY (74)
July 14 - AUTUN (71)
July 7 to 9 - PECS (Hungary)
July 1 and 2 - BUCHAREST (Romania)
June 28 and 29 - SIBIU (Romania)
June 18 - FEYZIN (69)
May 27 - NYONS (26) 
May 20 and 21 - BOOM (Belgium)
April 7 - LORETTE (42)
April 1st - OYONNAX (01)
AGENDA 2022 

28th december - LA CLUSAZ (74) 

22nd december - BEAUVAIS (60)

4th and 5th november - Foire de GRENOBLE (38)

17th september - Jour de fête, FEIGNEUX (60)

13th september - Foire de Savoie, CHAMBERY (73)

10th and 11th september - Festival Perché sur la Coline, SOMBREMON (21)

3rd september - FONTENAY SAINT PERE (78)

27th august - Festival Rues Barrées, AUXERRE (89)

14th august - RODGAU (Germany)

12th august - THONON (74)

22nd and 23rd july - GAUCHY (02)

16th and 17th july - METZ (57)

13th july - COURCHEVEL (73)

9th and 10th july - SAINT-HELEN (22)

29th june to 3rd july - Tollwood festival, MUNICH (Germany)

25th and 26th june - LE CENDRE (63)

3rd and 4th june - Festival d’art de rue, SION (Switzerland)

28th may - DELEMONT (Switzerland)

19th to 22nd may - Festival Graine de Mai, YZEURE (03)




Décembre 15 – SAINT ETIENNE (42)

Décembre 11 – MONTIERS-SUR SAULX (55)

Décembre 04 – SAINT ETIENNE (42)

Novembre 01 – LA ROCHE SUR FORON (74)

October 24 - LAVANDOU (83)

October 03 - NILVANGE (57)

September 18 and 19 - Coupe Icare SAINT HILAIRE DU TOUVET (38)

August 15 - FLAINE (74)

August 07 - VAL D'ISERE (73)

July 16 - THONON LES BAINS (74)

July 09 - FUMAY (08)

07 July - AMBILLY (74)

June 26 and 27 - CLERMONT (60)  

June 12 and 13 - SAINT GREGOIRE (35) 

From 27 to 30 May - Festival Graine de Mai YZEURE (03)

May 8 and 9 - HAGUENAU (67) 


February 17 - ALPES D'HUEZ (38)



Mach the 3rd in ALPES D’HUEZ (38)

March the 4th in CHAMONIX (74)

March the 5th The Magic Avenue in 2 ALPES (38)

June the 30th in MEGÈVE (France)

July the 17th in Alpi Hours Festival  SAINT GERVAIS MONT BLANC (France)

July the 20th SAINT CYPRIEN (France)

July the 22th LES GETS (France)

July the 24th CHAMONIX MONT BLANC (France)

July the 30th LES MENUIRES (France)

August the 1st in MONS (Belgium)

July the 21th THONON LES BAINS (France) 

September the 5th and 6th TOURS (France)


                                        AGENDA 2019

December the 15th  SAINT ALBAN (France)

December the 14th EPINAY SUR SEINE (France)

October the 18th, 19th and 20th BEIJING (China)

October the 12th International Fossil Day CRUZY (France)

September the 20th, 21st and 22nd TAINAN STREET ARTS FESTIVAL (Taiwan)

September the 14th SAINT JULIEN EN GENEVOIS (France)

September the 7th and 8th WEIL AM RHEIN (Germany)

August the 31st and September the 1st Festival Les Horlofolies LA CHAUX-DE-FONDS (Switzerland)

August the 25th,26th and 27th Au bonheur des mômes LE GRAND BORNAND (France)

August the 24th Festival Odyssée AMBÈS (France)

August the 18th OSTENDE (Belgium)

August the 17th Les Guingettes de PORT AVERTIN (France)

August the 15th VAL D'ISÈRE (France)

August the 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th and 13th Sziget Festival BUDAPEST (Hungary)

August the 3rd and 4th Kulturina Festival GERSTHOFEN (Germany)

August the 1st and 2nd Fête des Vignerons VEUVEY (Switzerland)

July the 27th and 28th BITCHE (France)

July the 19th,20th and 21st Zwarte Cross Festival LICHTENVOORDE (The Netherlands)

July the 14th Festival Décibulles NEUVE-EGLISE (France)

July the 7th Les Dimanches des Berges de Seine EPINAY SUR SEINE (France)

July the 5th Les Nocturnes de THONON-LES-BAINS (France)

June the 30th LE ROEULX (Belgium)

June the 29th CORBIA (France)

June 28th CAROUGE School Fete (Switzerland)

June the 23st BLAGNAC (France)

June the 22th PONT L'EVÈQUE (France)

June the 14th, 15th and 16th Festival Unlimited KUFSTEIN (Austria)

June the 8th, 9th and 10th Festival Kulturpur SIEGEN (Germany)

June 1st and 2nd Festival Les Années Joués JOUÉS LES TOURS (France)

May the 31st  Les Guinguettes de TOURS (France)

May the 30th DIERRE (France)

May the 26th SOLEURE (Switzerland)

May the 25th Cabrioles Festival SAINT MICHEL DE CHABRILLANOUX (France)

May the 18th and 19th Festival Graine de Jardin ROUEN (France)

May the 5th Iris Festival BRUSSELS (Belgium)

May the 1st O'Parade GENK (Belgium)

April the 22th COURCHEVEL (France)

March the 23rd ANNECY LE VIEUX (France)

March the 5th CRANS-MONTANA (Switzerland)

January the 21st, 22nd and 23rd Kultur Börse FREIBURG (Germany)







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