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Burlesque wandering show on a Dodo's back

In the framework of a national study of genetic heritage and species behavior, the grand professor Jean, accompanied by Jean, his assistant (ex forensic doctor), have been approached to lead this urbain safari research. convertirse en una aventura increíble !

Our two compadres, your day to day will become their adventure. This expedition on a DODO’s back will travel through cities and villages searching for new tribes.

Curious and awkward, they will be willing to know everything about you : your laugh, customs, food habits, politic opinion etc…

The big census has began, the two of them will step back the science….

Team : 2 artists

Playing area : squares & streets
Time to assembling : 1h 30
Duration : 2 x 45 minutes (1h minimum between each set)




To access the downloads, please send us an email : contact@lexpressiondupave.com